Cabot Trail

Cabot Trail, the Most Beautiful Road Trip in the World

Are you trying to find an amazing road trip? Next, proceed to the Cabot Trail! Many people consider this stunning loop in Nova Scotia, Canada, to be among the world’s most picturesque drives. Take a drive along Cabot Trail, The Most Beautiful Road Trip in The world.

Even so, this is among Canada’s most well-known road trips. One of the best choices I’ve made recently is to spend a lot of time in Atlantic Canada this summer. However, exploring Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton region and travelling the Cabot Trail rank among the top attractions of Atlantic Canada. Take your Motorcycle Helmet With Built-In Camera And Bluetooth For Travel.

Cabot Trail, the Most Beautiful Road Trip in the World

Nova Scotia had been planned for some time. I had a meeting with Visit Nova Scotia representatives earlier this year, and we decided to work together on a campaign. After doing some research on the province to determine my destination, I arrived at Cape Breton, a picturesque rural island located in the northeast of the province, and travelled the Cabot Trail.

The Halifax region and its environs strongly resembled the state of Massachusetts; however, as one approaches Cape Breton, the landscape becomes more expansive and rural. It reminds me more of Maine or New Hampshire! This drive is unforgettable because of the breathtaking views, the ever-changing landscape, the opportunity to see wildlife, the small fishing villages, and the national parks!

Travelling the length and breadth of The Cabot Trail and experiencing its offerings will be a lifelong experience, regardless of where you are coming from. Now take a seat, appreciate the wonders of nature, and get ready to discover The Cabot Trail, one of Canada’s greatest treasures!

What is Cabot Trail?

One of the most breathtaking road trips in North America is the scenic Cabot Trail, which runs along the island of Cape Breton in Nova Scotia. The scenic Cabot Trail winds through the Atlantic Coast and Cape Breton Highlands National Park over a distance of 185 miles (298 km).

Approximately 14% of the province’s population and 18% of its land are found on Cape Breton, a sizable island located northeast of Nova Scotia. It’s well known that Cape Breton is a gorgeous, leisurely-paced region of Nova Scotia. The Cabot Trail has plenty of attractions, is easily navigable, and is well-marked. One hundred eighty-five miles, or 298 kilometers, makes it the perfect length for a four-day road trip.

Timing of go

May through October is the ideal time of year to visit the Cabot Trail. September and October are the best months because of the cooler temperatures and gorgeous fall foliage. But that’s also when there are the most people on the trails.

Where to Reside

The range of lodging choices along the Cabot Trail is among its greatest features. There’s the charming Cornerstone Motel, the rustic Broad Cove Campground, the opulent Celtic Lodge, or even the welcoming Accolade Hostel Retreat.

  1. The Chowder House is a local favorite with great views and fresh seafood.
  2. The Rusty Anchor is a local’s pick for delicious food and breathtaking views.
  3. Locals recommend Le Gabriel Restaurant & Lounge because of its delicious seafood.
  4. Locals say that The Doryman Pub & Grill is the best spot for lunch and real Acadian music.

Coastal Restaurant & Pub: A local informed us that this is the best spot for a large burger on the trail.


River Cheticamp

Cape Breton Highlands National Park: This well-known Canadian national park will envelop you in its enchanted beauty as you drive the Cabot Trail. You ought to go on one of the park’s many hikes. With good reason, Skyline Trail is the most well-liked. You’ll be surrounded by beautiful scenery. Even moose and bald eagles, among other wildlife, may be spotted.

Ingonish Beach

Baddeck: See Alexander Graham Bell’s life and works of art at the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site. Some really cool early aircraft replicas are included. Bras d’Or Lake, a nearby town, is situated on a body of water and is ideal for paddle boarding, kayaking, and sailing.

Pleasant Bay: Known as the whale-watching epicenter of Cape Breton Island, Pleasant Bay is a must-visit location. Enormous crystal-blue seas and picturesque mountains encircle the town. Make sure you check out one of the neighborhood eateries for some delicious seafood dishes.

Entertainment Activities

Take a Gondola Ride: Experience Eastern Canada’s First Gondola. It connects to a tree walk that leads to a lake at Destination Cape Smokey and opens in 2021! They provide a wide range of summertime activities, including kayaking and hiking.

Trek the Skyline Trail: I already mentioned this hike, but it deserves to be mentioned on its own. With good reason: it’s the most well-liked hike in the national park! Pack a camera and head outside to witness the sunset. You’ll see the best views, and it won’t be as crowded. The boardwalk has a few stairs, but the hike is not difficult. The trail can be taken in a 5-mile loop or 4 miles out and back to the view.

Cabot Trail: The Most Beautiful Road Trip in The World A vivid sunset of pink and purple above purple mountains. The front is filled with evergreen trees.

Never-ending landscapes that change. There were times when I felt as though I was in White Point, Normandy. Other times, when I was travelling through the highlands’ more lush areas, I thought I was in Hawaii. The blue sky with the flags of Canada, Nova Scotia, and Acadia. Three fascinating cultures coexisting in one location are proudly exhibited to guests.

On this same island, you can learn about the indigenous Mi’kmaq, Acadian, and Gaelic cultures. Cape Breton Highlands National Park, with its mountains and meandering roads. One amazing national park. The Cabot Trail passes directly through the only national park on Cape Breton Island, which is called Cape Breton Highlands National Park. It’s an incredible park.

Chéticamp Accommodations: Silver Linings Inn

We stayed at Silver Linings Inn in Chéticamp, which is a moderately priced motel and guesthouse that I heartily suggest. We were the first visitors to stay in a brand-new suite located above the main guesthouse. It was a loft with two very cozy queen beds, an abundance of wonderful pillows, and an attached bathroom. Pricing is as low as $149 CAD (USD 112).

The Silver Linings Inn in Cheticamp, Nova Scotia, has two queen beds with white linens and an abundance of pillows. The continental breakfast at the guesthouse is also the best I’ve ever seen. There were a ton of muffins, bread from the neighboring Aucoin Bakery, cereals, fruit, drawers full of peanut butter and various jams and jellies, and even a section marked as gluten-free. The breakfast room is lovely and airy, and they truly try their hardest to make a simple breakfast very well.

What Is the Required Number of Days to Finish the Cabot Trail?

There were times when I felt as though I was in White Point, Normandy. You can completed The Cabot Trail in three days at the very least, but I suggest taking four days. You can follow the Cabot Trail longer and more leisurely than we did if you’d like.

Provides you with some additional protection if a few days turn rainy. I suggest staying in the Chéticamp area if you have only one or two Idays instead of attempting to hike the entire trail.

Tips for Driving the Cabot Trail

  1. Brake for moose when driving the Cabot Trail. Always keep an eye out for wildlife, and if you see a moose, stop hard. Because moose are large, heavy animals that will fall on your windshield and crush you, hitting one will probably result in your death.
  2. It’s far riskier than running over a deer. “Brake for Moose” has been ingrained in my memory since birth because I spent my summers camping in New Hampshire while growing up in Massachusetts. (A few guys from my theatre camp were also members of the band Brake for Moose.)
  3. Please take this seriously, as it’s not common knowledge if you’re not from a moose-populated area.
  4. It is common for moose to gather near the Skyline Trail. Watch out for motorcyclists and cyclists.
  5. In particular, exercise extreme caution when navigating the hairpin turns found in the eastern region of Cape Breton Highlands National Park.
  6. Particularly among bikers, the Cabot Trail highly frequent. Obtain a SIM card for Canada. Your Cape Breton road trip will be much simpler if you have a phone signal, especially if you’re using Google Maps for navigation.

Starting for the Cabot Trail

  1. I received a data plan and SIM card from Lucky Mobile. Larger towns tend to have strong signals, but more rural areas frequently have weak signals.
  2. This area of Nova Scotia has bad internet. Particularly in the national park, phone signal is spotty or nonexistent; some locations have spotty Wi-Fi. Take a break from work while visiting Cape Breton if you’re working remotely.
  3. Bring a Wi-Fi extender if you have to work remotely. Be ready for rain, but try not to let it spoil your trip. It’s possible to get lucky and have a gorgeously sunny road trip along the Cabot Trail, or it could rain a lot. Like us, you may experience both rain and sunshine.
  4. Rain, though, isn’t a deal-breaker. Cailin and I took advantage of the rain to explore some of the area’s hip local establishments, including Ingonish’s Salty Rose.
  5. There are always intriguing locations to discover.
  6. Purchase travel insurance. Any trip, even to a country like Canada with first-rate healthcare, requires travel insurance.
  7. Travel insurance will shield you from financial ruin if you are hurt while hiking, robbed, or even you need to flow home.
  8. I use World Nomads and heartily suggest them for travel to Canada. At Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Kate is standing in front of the mountains while sporting a “Canada 2019” tank top.

FAQs Regarding Travel to Cape Breton

Is visiting Cape Breton worthwhile?

Without a doubt. You’ll quickly discover that this is one of Nova Scotia’s most picturesque locations after you start driving and perhaps even go on a hike—like the Sunset Skyline Hike—at dusk.

How long does it take to walk the entire length of Cape Breton’s Cabot Trail?

The Cabot Trail drive should take at least 4 days, but 3 or 5 days would also be sufficient. I go more into that right here. This allows you enough time to drive the entire loop and, if necessary, take a little detour.

Which Cape Breton town has the most beauty?

I think the most beautiful town in Cape Breton is Chéticamp. It’s also a great place to base yourself for a few nights because there are so many things to do in the area.

Is driving the Cabot Trail challenging?

The well-known Cabot Trail is an easy-to-drive, scenic drive. There are some small towns along this paved road, but most people shouldn’t have any trouble navigating its curves. Take extra caution when pulling into and out of any scenic stops, and keep an eye out for moose, as I mentioned in my Cape Breton road trip tips below. You bring your Motorcycle Travel Bags and start you beautiful trip.

Which month is ideal for travelling the Cabot Trail by car?

It’s best to plan your road trip to Cape Breton for the summer or fall. Although many businesses are seasonal and do not reopen until May or June, late spring is still a possibility. The best time to see the foliage is in October, but you should check annual foliage calendars as dates can vary.

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