Halona Beach Cove

Halona Beach Cove: Where Nature’s Serenity Meets Ocean Majesty

This halona beach cove is more widely recognized as Eternity Beach because of a notorious beach scene from a romantic Hollywood film from the 1950s. It’s an unmarked, somewhat difficult-to-find location, but thousands of people visit it every year. Probably the best way to explore this Oahu beach is to go to the south side of Halona Blowhole, which is close to Sandy Beach and Hanauma Bay. One of Hawaii’s natural wonders was made with molten lava tubes created by volcanic eruptions.

There are no longer any active volcanoes on Oahu, but the blowhole is still a must-see natural attraction. Hawaiian Hālona means “lookout,” and from the lookout, visitors can see miles of immaculate coastline waters. The distant islands of Moloka’i and Lāna’i are also visible on clear days. There are no longer any active volcanoes on O’ahu, but the blowhole is still a must-see natural attraction.

The scene at Halona Beach Cove Eternity Beach

Halona Beach Cove Eternity Beach

While most visitors observe and photograph Halona Beach Cove from above, some descend the hiking trail to the beach to explore the unusual cove and gain a better view. There are posted signs indicating this, most of which are covered in stickers. Please take note of these cautions and proceed at your own risk.

There are no lifeguards on duty here, and the occasionally choppy waves have the potential to carry you out to sea in the event of strong currents. Be advised that waves can easily knock you down and send you falling into the ocean if you are standing on the slick rocks that the waves smash into on both sides. While Eternity Beach is undoubtedly a popular destination in and of itself, most visitors come to see the renowned Halona Blow Hole from the observation deck situated above it.

Therefore, before heading down to the beach, make sure to see the Halona Blowhole in action. You will undoubtedly see the strong blowhole shoot water 20 feet and higher into the air for a breathtaking show on good days with high surf in the area. The waves are so big that they crash against the coast, force thousands of pounds of water pressure into the lava tubes, and shoot upward through the tiny opening in the rocky lava floor. It’s surreal.So pick your travel crossbody bag and Travel Toiletry Bag and start your amazing journey.

experience the Visit to Halona Beach Cove

experience the Visit to Halona Beach Cove

Just stroll back towards the Kalaniana’ole Highway from the Halona Lookout parking lot, and keep an eye out to your left for an unmarked trail entrance that leads to Eternity Beach between the rocky hillside and guardrail. Therefore, be sure to witness the Halona Blowhole in action before making your way down to the beach.

It’s an experience that never gets old to watch waves smash into the shoreline, shoot straight up into the air through the tiny opening in the rocky lava floor, and blast thousands of pounds of water pressure into the lava tubes. Additionally, be careful not to stub your toes on the lightly covered lava rocks that lead down to the beach, as I have done.

Despite its small size, the Halona Beach Cove has a lot of charm on its own. On your left, there’s a rocky shelf that juts out into the sea. Additionally, there’s a cliff face to the right where daredevils occasionally scale different heights to jump into waves that are passing by.

Jumpers from Halona Beach Cove

If you turn to face the left and look back up the cliff towards the view deck, you’ll probably see visitors to Halona Blowhole watching all the action from the lookout above Eternity Beach.

Cave at Halona Beach Cove

There’s a secret cave at this hidden beach on Oahu! Alright, so this gap is actually an old lava tube that passes through the stony cliff face and connects to the freeway’s opposite side. If you choose to investigate, proceed with caution, as it is a narrow, dark space. Water Entering the

It’s common to see people enjoying themselves while body surfing in the waves that roll into Halona Beach Cove, both locals and tourists, children and adults. Even though it’s entertaining, surfing in these waters can be extremely risky, particularly during southerly swells when the waves are often big and produce a strong riptide effect that leads back out to sea.

Halona Bamboo Ridge

In these choppy waters, numerous beachgoers have either been saved from danger or have suffered far worse outcomes. When you see tourists swimming toward the bay’s mouth, you should be concerned because that’s where the strong currents can easily carry you out to sea. There is no lifeguard on duty at this beach, so please exercise extreme caution when climbing around or jumping off the slick rocks.

Surfing in these waters is entertaining, but it can also be very dangerous, especially during southerly swells when the waves are often large and create a powerful riptide effect that leads back out to sea. It might be wiser for you to watch some of the local pros ride the strong shorebreak waves back to shore. Experienced bodysurfers typically don swim fins to give them an extra boost of power as they launch into the waves. Another helpful accessory for swimming in the sea and waves is a pair of swim fins.


Parking Lot for Halona Blowhole Lookout

The Halona Blowhole Lookout parking lot is the only facility at this undeveloped beach. There are picnic tables, lifeguard stations, outdoor showers, and restrooms at Sandy Beach, which is ¼ mile down the road.

Take into consideration enrolling in a comprehensive island tour that includes stops at the Blowhole, Pali Lookout, Makapu’u Lighthouse, Dole Plantation on the North Shore, and lunch at the well-known shrimp trucks. The H-1 will become Hwy 72, but it will still be the Kalaniana’ole Hwy that hugs the shore. Proceed along this coastal highway past Hawaii Kai, through the residential area, and around Koko Crater.

The single-lane road circles the cliff for several miles after passing Hanauma Bay, arriving at the Halona Blowhole Lookout parking area. Turn right into the parking lot as soon as you see the Halona Blowhole sign. Eternity Beach is a rocky path to the right of the parking lot.

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Halona Beach Cove Bus

From Kuhio Ave. in Waikiki, take the number 22 or 23 Oahu Bus toward Diamond Head. in Waikiki. Depending on traffic, the trip should only take 45 to an hour.

On your way to Halona Beach Cove, you will, in fact, pass Hanauma Bay. If you arrange your schedule properly, you can snorkel in this state-protected marine life sanctuary first thing in the morning before moving on to this hidden beach. If you can, you should definitely see and interact with the fish and marine life of Hanauma Bay! These buses run every hour during the week and every half hour on the weekends. Halona Blowhole

The well-known Halona Blowhole is nearby and even shares the parking lot. You can wager that on extremely large days, the blowhole will shoot skyward. You can get a decent idea of the power this natural wonder can produce.

Sandy Beach Park, Halona Beach Cove, Hawaii

Sandy Beach Park is a lengthy stretch of beach located directly across the street from Eternity Beach. At this Oahu beach, the locals love to play in the strong shore break. They either bodysurf or bodyboard the waves until they fold over and pound the shore.

It is not a swimming beach, so unless you’re a strong swimmer or have the proper gear to help you through the waves, I do not advise getting in the water. However, watching the pros do their tricks in the waves while relaxing on the beach is a lot of fun.